About our farm

Redbud rock farm blooming trees

Our farm is located in central Arkansas. We began our journey with myotonic goats in 2014, with three doelings from Fern Hill Farm and Liberty Hills Farm and 1 doe from Dos Rios 6 Farm. In 2015, we invested in our breeding program with the addition of two bucklings from Bakken’s Farm. Many of our goats have champions in their pedigrees, and all of the goats are registered with the Myotonic Goat Registry (MGR).

A unique aspect to our farm is the incorporation of genetic research with our animals. As a genetics professor, I am excited for our farm to contribute to the education of undergraduate genetics students in a molecular genetics laboratory. In 2016, we are beginning to explore some traits in our animals using buccal cell (cheek) swabs and polymerase chain reaction (PCR) to amplify regions of DNA. These amplified regions will be assessed for DNA sequences that have been linked to litter size, growth rate, and black coat color in previous research publications. In addition, we will be checking our goats for the mutation in the chloride channel CLCN1 known to cause myotonia congenita (or “fainting”) in the goats, which was first published by Carol Beck in 1996.